Why Elite Traders Capital

Best Price Plans

We provide our traders with the most competitive pricing plans in the industry.

No Maximal or Minimal Trading Days

We don't rush our traders in any way, and our goal is to connect skillful traders with our company capital in long-term financial relationships.

Elite Traders Protector

We keep our commitment to our traders all the way, even when they hit one of our hard breeches. We pay out the profit available in the founded account no matter what, as we are committed to working with our traders for a long time.

80% of your account gains, up to 90%

We offer one of the best account gains percentage in the industry; read FAQ for more info.

2M Maximum Capital Allocation

We know you want to manage more capital, therefore, we decided to provide a 2M maximum allocation for our traders. Imagine what 1% a month from 2M$ means, this can truly change your lifestyle. You can have 20x100K accounts, 10x200K or any combination.

Best one-step drawdown conditions

We provide our elite traders with a lot of space for error so they can prove that they are consistent in the markets over the long term. Therefore Our daily Loss is 5% and the Maximum Drawdown is 6%. Enjoy that with no time limit and prove to us you are a profitable trader.

How our One Phase Program Stands

Elite Traders Capital
The Funded Trader
MyFunded Fx
Daily Loss
Account Gains Percentage
Up to 90%
Equity Growth Target
Max Allocation
Starting Plan
Maximum Drawndown
Trading Period
Funded Profit Guranteed
Balance Based Drawndown

The Elite Traders Capital Advantage

Elite Traders Capital was built to break the standard of the Prop trading world. We didn’t come to the market to offer more of the same, and we wanted to provide the best programs. Here are some reasons our traders are working with us.

Feedbacks from our traders


TrustPilot Reviews

See what our traders are telling about us

Cristian Sitariu
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Although it is a new prop firm, I like that they are competitive from the beginning, they have implemented new and much more comfortable criteria for traders. I will write below all the advantages of this prop firms. 👑 Elite Traders Capital
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want to say that I am very satisfied with the team behind the scenes, they helped me with the problem I had, they proved their professionalism, thank you, super prop firm, no trading days, there is no pressure, you have time to you prove your qualities! I'm glad I found you
Aiby Ibans
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I love Elite Traders Capital, the stop loss rule really helps build discipline as a trader.
Shimbal Paul
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Great customer support. Always responsive and prompt. I’m giving them a try currently and I’m generally impressed
Andrei Bumbăcea
Read More
Is appreciated for the attention given to its customers. Elite Traders Capital's customer service team is responsive and dedicated, providing personalized assistance and support to investors' needs and questions.
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The company has what every SMT traders are looking for 1. Zero spread on EURUSD and lowest Spread on other pair compare to other prop firm 2. No maximum or minimum trading days 3. Smooth process of getting account
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A great team. The best company, low costs, low spread, very helpful customer service and there is no better prop firm on the market than ETC. I am very pleased to collaborate with you in the long term. I am very glad that I found you. Respect 🙏
Andrew John
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Best conditions in evaluation phases! From many months i searched for a no limit prop firm with good trading conditions and i found it, i received my account in seconds and the dashboard is something i love!

Trading Objectives

Low Profit Target

You must make an overall total of 10% over one phase.

6% Maximum Loss

Your account must not go down by 6% from its initial balance.

5% Maximum Daily Loss

You must not have a 5% drawdown within a single trading day.

No mininum Trading Days

We don't pressure our traders with minimum trading days.

No EA or News Restrictions

You can trade any strategy or EA you want, trade news.

No 30 days time-frame

Trade your style with no required time frame

How it Works?

Sign Up

Register for one of our Evaluations.

Receive Your Login

Receive credentials instantly and login to the trader dashboard.

Start Your Evaluation

Begin your Evaluation by trading and following the objectives shown on your dashboard.

Get Funded

Once you have passed your Evaluation you will receive your funded account and get payouts monthly

Trading Platforms

Leading platform

Trade effortlessly on intuitive market-leading platforms designed and built for traders worldwide with ThinkMarkets cutting-edge technology infrastructure.

Fast Execution & Premium Liquidity

ThinkMarkets servers are located in top-tier data centers, and pricing is aggregated from multiple top-tier liquidity providers allowing you to trade on spreads from as lows as 0.1 pips.

What We Do?

At Elite Traders Capital, we strive to aid skillful and experienced traders to maximize their talent to their full potential and secure a funded account.

We are traders too! We know the struggles traders face with insufficient capital; therefore, your exceptional trading skill, combined with our evaluation process, will make an excellent partnership!

Our Partner Broker

ThinkMarkets is an award winning broker with some of the most competitive spreads in the market providing quick and easy access to a wide range of markets including forex, CFDs on equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, futures and more.

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